The Comfort Wine Bar?!?

Sometimes, I miss Gather.  For those that don’t know about Gather. it was my first venture into running a business. IIt was the first wine bar in the village, and one of the first places to hang out and listen to music, have a glass of wine and a nosh in the area.  There was no Rooster Creek, no Jaffa Cafe, no Mason Bar.  When the street rolled up at 8, we were it for a bite and a glass.  I designed it from the ground up.  I fought against people that wanted it to look “big city”, I had 10 wines, then 40 open and could tell the story about every bottle. It was my baby.

I met and befriended the winemakers., learned about wine alongside my customers, and basically had a cocktail party every night 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Comfort Market!  I love the menu, the cooking, and seeing 100+ people a day enjoy themselves.  But there is something about the after work intimacy with customers and wine that I miss.  So coming up in January, we will be having Friday night wine bar nights!  With bar specials, a wine tasting menu and more!

Mark your calendars, and check out our online Calendar for themes for tasting, guest winemakers and more!  Gather Fridays are back 🙂 Come say hi!

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