This week’s meal plan menus are LIVE! (11/27)

This was our yummy pork green curry with sweet potatoes and green beans from last week!

We are so excited with our next menu for the 3 day meal plans. After Thanksgiving, I think we need a little break from the big heavy meals, and this is the way to do it!

The pick up dates and times have been confirmed now (can we tell you how awesome our test group is?) Mondays after 3:30, your meals will be ready to pick up until 7pm. We will have someone here waiting to get your packages together and walk you through the week’s preparations. You can still sign up for next week’s pickup, for 1 time, or recurring each week.  Coming soon! FAMILY packs and couple packs that will use less packaging, and therefore pass on the savings to you!
Our GF and Clean menus are combined this week here—>

Check out our vegetarian menu –>

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