Wow, just WOW!

Wow, just wow.
Over 8 years ago, I started a small wine bar in the Village of Arroyo Grande. Nothing that wasn’t a bar was open past 8pm, we were it. We served cheese plates and flatbreads and great Central Coast wines. When our lease wasn’t going to be renewed, we worked on a plan to expand the foods and wines from then wine bar to a restaurant that allowed everyone to join in on the fun that we had at Gather.

We grew from 3 employees, to 20.  We had a menu with over 50 items on it. We started catering events with over 200 people.

It was a lot, and you grew with me.  You even prayed for me and my family when my nephew got diagnosed with cancer.

Thank you for trying new things, trusting me with your big events from showers to weddings to funerals.  Thanks for imbibing with me for a midweek lunch and even a Sunday Brunch.

I say thank you, because September was a rough personal month for me.  My partner Steve was a cheerleader, supporting me through staff loss, over scheduling of catering and the loss of my grandmother.  You tolerated signs at the door, saying we were off somewhere else and came back when we were open.  Occasionally you let me know how much you missed things.

Since it’s November, and Comfort Market is not a faceless and heartless chain restaurant, I thought I would send out a Thank you note from Steve and I, to thank you for your continued support.  Nothing else, just a thank you.

It’s not easy to run a business that makes 100+ meals a day.

It is a pleasure however to serve you and see your smile.

Thank you.

Chef Kari ZIegler
CFO Steve Bridge

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